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Why we're here

Struggling with time, motivation and consistency?

We believe the secret to staying physically active is to be held accountable.

That's why we connect skilled and enthusiastic fitness coaches around the world with customers who need an accountability partner.

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One in four adults and 81% of adolescents do not get enough physical activity..


Get Fit and Make an Impact

While you become a healthier version of yourself, you help create meaningful work for skilled fitness coaches around the world 🌍

...and for every session you have, we donate a meal to orphanages in Malawi.

So grateful to use this amazing concept! It has completely changed my workout routine for the better.
Ingrid Berg
Exercising is not my favorite thing in the world, but Bino makes it easy. No need to worry about equipment.
Marie Harfjeld
Head of Marketing, Two
My PT keeps me in shape and also helps me with the "boring" exercises I get from my physiotherapist!
Mari Stamsø
As a father of 3 kids, I love doing a quick and effective workout after my kids have gone to bed.
Markus Lund

Ready to get in shape?

Let our global team of coaches guide you.

All Bino coaches are experienced with a demonstrated track record of training a wide variety of clients 1-1.

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Research shows that there is an untapped potential in using health coaches to stimulate physical activity..


How it works

1. Book a session

Find a time that suits you. You will automatically be assigned a skilled coach based on level and availability.

2. Say hi on chat

Before the session, we set up a chat on WhatsApp between you and your coach so you can connect.

3. Online session

Your first session consists of training and assessment. The class is online and takes place via Google Meet.

"Amazing concept"

- Ingrid, HR @

Reach your goals with experienced trainers

All Bino trainers are experienced personal trainers with a demonstrated track record of training a wide variety of clients 1-1.

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And while you burn calories...

...we give calories to children who need them. For every session with a Bino trainer, we donate 1 meal to the local orphanages around Blantyre, Malawi.

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Some of our trainers


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Ready to become a Bino athlete?

Build your fitness routine and get in the shape of your life with Bino Unlimited: Unlimited coaching sessions for 799 NOK/month.

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Loosing weight is hard, but not impossible...

Marius had struggled with weight for years, but managed to loose 10kg after just 4 months of training with his PT.

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