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About Bino

What is Bino?

Bino is a purpose driven global platform for online fitness coaching.

We offer live 1:1 training sessions and weekly accountability with the best coaches from around the globe.

Through world-wide recruitment and tech development, we create the world’s most engaging and impactful coaching experience, while providing jobs in countries where local demand is low.

Bino is working towards the following two of the UN's sustainable development goals:

How we create impact (video)

In this video we sit down with Bino's head trainer Nelson from Malawi. He explains how Bino has transformed the lives of both our customers in Europe and his fellow Bino trainers in Africa.

How it started

Nelson Mpinganjira is one of the best personal trainers in Malawi. After his studies he took a corporate sales job at Huawei with a steady income, but quickly realized that his true passion lies in training and making people happy and healthy.

Nelson is a hustler who knows how to get clients, but freelancing is not for everyone. There are millions of highly skilled and motivated trainers, but a career in personal training also requires a great deal of sales and marketing skills.

In Malawi, the competition among freelance trainers is fierce, especially because the local client marked is limited.

What we do

At Bino we're trying to address the gaps in the social safety net that affect most freelancers. As such, we guarantee regular freelance trainers a steady amount of work, so they don't have to worry about hustling it up on their own.

Through our platform, the trainers can offer high quality 1:1 personal training and accountability to customers over video.

As we take care of marketing, sales, and all the nitty gritty, our trainers can focus on what they do best- training people!

How we see the future

Through world-wide PT recruitment and tech development, we want to create the world’s most engaging and impactful PT experience.

We want to be a global platform that empowers and brings opportunities for freelance trainers across the globe and in countries where the local demand is low.

Bino and our trainer academy shall be a safe environment for trainers to learn and grow their careers and become the best at what they do!

Our Team

Bino was founded in Oslo, Norway in 2021 and recently went through Antler VC's startup program.

Want to join our team?


COO, Oslo

Cecilie has prior experience from management consulting (Accenture) and the hospitality industry. Her main focus is customer success, sales and recruiting.


Marketing & Content, Oslo

Torbjørn has experience from online personal training and consulting (EY). His main focus is marketing, tech and creating the Bino Academy for our trainers.


Country Manager, Malawi

Nelson is one of the top personal trainers in Malawi. He does the in-person scouting, recruiting and local management of our trainers.



Allan is a seasoned social entrepreneur with experience of internationally scaling a B2C fitness concept while creating a 100+ trainer global team (Sparta55).

Our trainers

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Want to get in touch?

Bino is growing fast. Through technology development, world-wide fitness coaches recruitment & up-skilling, we aim to create the world’s most engaging and affordable coaching experience, while providing jobs in developing countries. Feel free to get in touch for any of the following topics:

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